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Green Building


Coastal Bend
Green Built

Our Mission

Coastal Bend Green Built (CBGB), a program of the Coastal Bend Home Builders Association, is a voluntary partnership of local home builders, industry supporters and sponsors committed to creating awareness and interest in the construction of high-performance, low-impact residential homes in the Coastal Bend. CBGB does this by:

  • providing industry information and education to the members and the public on Green Building practices
  • forging partnerships with vendors that sell Green Building materials
  • working with local city building departments in bringing the fruition the Green Building practice
  • operating programs with regionally appropriate standards to certify homes built according to Green Building practices

The program has a regionally-specific green building construction protocol that Home Builder Association (HBA) members have deemed essential in order for a home to be recognized by the program. Homes built to this protocol conform to higher standards of site management and waste recycling, water efficiency, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, materials, and homeowner education.


The Coastal Bend Green Built initiative was started in 2007, by a group of Builders Association members, to create a Green Building Program for our unique South Texas climate.  CBGB is a USGBC recognized program.

Green Building Initiative Guideline Checklist

  • A certified energy Rater uses the checklist's point system to provide a measurement of the level of   Green Building techniques used in the construction of home.  The home is inspected at several different points during its construction.
  • There are 4 CBGB Levels of Certification
    1. Green
    2. Silver
    3. Gold 
    4. Platinum
  • The checklist measures Green Building Techniques in 7 different areas:
    1. Site
    2. Materials/Resource Efficiency
    3. Energy (and Alternative Energy)
    4. Water
    5. Indoor Air Quality and Moisture Control (Health)
    6. Homeowner Education
    7. Global Impact Statement


CBGB requires a H.E.R.S. Rating of 72, or lower

Green = Energy Savings

H.E.R.S. Scores and electric bills can be calculated prior to the construction of a home.  This is required for CBGB.



  • Costs of Green items - see MLS Listing of Energy Features
  • Value of future energy savings


  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Smaller carbon footprint (more efficient use of natural resources)
  • Sustainability (low maintenance, longer lasting)
  • Inspected and tested

CBGB Form Downloads

Have a CBGB Green Inspector Come to Your House

Energy Rater Solutions – Scott Martin

Gulf Coast Raters – Michael Valenzuela

TopBuild – Carlos Rodriquez

Certified CBGB Builders

CBGB Associate Members

AEP Texas New Homes (ICF)

First National Bank of Beeville

Gulf Coast Insulation

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